Online Consultations

“Beauty Through Mastery” Serving Miami, Boca Raton, Florida and surrounding areas

If you live out of the Miami area and desire a consultation with Dr. Paul N. Afrooz for your facelift, rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty we are happy to offer you an online or virtual consultation. The virtual consultation is complementary. If you need to cancel or reschedule your online consultation, please notify our office 24 hours prior to your appointment.

3 Easy steps to book your virtual consultation with Dr. Afrooz!

  1. Email Dr. Afrooz with your name, address, phone number and desired facial enhancement procedure.
  2. Dr. Afrooz’s office will contact you to arrange a date and time for your Skype consultation and send your paperwork.
  3. Day of consultation you will connect with Dr. Afrooz for your private online consultation.

To discover how facial and body cosmetic surgical procedures can improve your appearance, confidence, and total outlook on life, please call our office today at 305.854.8828 to schedule your confidential consultation.