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The buttocks are undeniably an important part of a beautiful figure. In addition, the transition from the waist to the buttocks, and from the buttocks to the thighs plays a significant role in creating beautiful contour in this area of the body.

At The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Paul N. Afrooz specializes in body contouring, which involves shaping the waist, lower back, and buttocks through the combination of liposuction and fat grafting to the buttocks. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure designed to use a patient’s own fat from other areas of the body, such as the waist, hips, and abdomen, to create enhanced and shapely buttocks.

Before and After
Dr. Afrooz - Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Dr. Afrooz - Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Actual patient. Results may vary.


The goal of the Brazilian Butt Lift is to create a beautiful contour of the buttocks by enhancing the transition from the waist and lower back to the buttocks, while also shaping and enhancing the buttocks. The degree of enhancement varies based on the goals of the individual patient. Sometimes it is simply a small enhancement in shape, and sometimes more significant changes are desired.

Generally, the procedure involves reducing and shaping the waist with liposuction, while adding volume, shape, and projection to the buttocks by the addition of fat. Once again, the desired changes vary considerably and are designed to meet the goals of each individual patient. The current techniques for liposuction and fat grafting can have a dramatic effect on the contour of the waist and buttocks, thereby creating exceptional results in the shape of the waist and buttock.


Prior to the procedure, Dr. Afrooz will discuss each individual patient’s desired changes during the initial consultation. At this time, the goals and expectations of the procedure will be discussed in detail, and an operative plan will be established.

On the day of the procedure, markings will be made immediately prior to the procedure. These markings facilitate an additional opportunity to discuss the desired goals, and it allows the patient and Dr. Afrooz to have a detailed discussion once again immediately prior to the procedure. These discussions include goals for the desired shape and projection of the buttocks, and the desired shape change of the waist and lower back.

The BBL procedure is performed under general anesthesia. This allows for the greatest level of patient comfort and safety. A large portion of the BBL is performed with the patient resting in the prone position (face down). The use of general anesthesia in this setting allows for placement of a breathing tube to ensure that the airway is controlled and breathing is controlled. Our anesthesiologists are board certified and use the most sophisticated monitoring equipment throughout all procedures.

If the procedure is performed with liposuction of the abdomen, the procedure will likely begin with the patient in the supine position (face up). This allows liposuction and contouring of the abdomen, in addition to collecting fat for the BBL procedure. Similar to liposuction techniques, liposuction is performed through two very small incisions.

The goal with liposuction is two-fold:

  • The first goal is to achieve beautiful contouring and shape of the abdomen and waist.
  • The second goal is to collect fat for shaping and adding volume to the buttocks. (Preparation of the fat for re-injection into the buttocks)

The remainder of the BBL procedure is performed in the face down (prone) position. Liposuction proceeds in the lower and upper back, lateral thighs and buttocks as necessary. This fat is also collected and prepared for injection into the buttocks. If additional fat is necessary to achieve the desired shape changes in the buttocks, additional sites can be used for fat collection, such as the inner thighs.

The fat that is collected with liposuction begins the process of preparation for injection into the buttocks as it is collected. This process involves the separation of fat from blood cells and the previously infiltrated fluid. The fat is washed thoroughly with sterile solutions, and finally with an antibiotic solution.

Two to three small incisions are placed near the buttocks in order to inject the fat. The incisions are 2 – 4 mm in length, and are placed at the top of the buttock, the side of the buttock, and if a third incision is necessary, it is placed near the bottom of the buttock. The fat injection proceeds through these access incisions. At this point of the procedure, shaping of the buttock is performed with the addition of volume to create projection and a beautiful shape to the buttocks. The fat is injected into the layer of tissue above the muscle.

Once the fat injection is complete, the incision sites are closed with absorbable sutures that do not require removal. A specialized compression garment is placed at the end of the procedure. This garment is designed to provide ideal uniform compression in the areas of the waist, hips, thighs and buttocks. The compression garment helps to minimize swelling and ensure an even and uniform contour.


Generalized soreness from the procedure usually lasts for 2 – 3 days. Oral pain medication is prescribed to reduce discomfort during this time. It is advised not to sit or place unnecessary pressure on the buttocks for 2 – 3 weeks after the procedure. Sometimes, this is unavoidable, so it is advised that an air cushion is used when sitting.*

During the initial recovery, patients may lie on the sides or the stomach in an effort to keep pressure off of the buttocks. This restriction is in an effort to provide maximum survival of the injected fat. Generally, a little more than half of the injected fat will survive, and the final survival of the volume of fat injected can usually be appreciated at approximately 4 months after the surgery.*

The compression garment should be worn for 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks following surgery and then 12 hours a day for another 3 weeks. Occasionally, bruising may occur in the areas of liposuction or fat injection, and usually subsides by 2 weeks. Generally, it is recommended to avoid exercise for 4 – 5 weeks following the procedure, however, this may vary in each individual patient.*

Dr. Afrooz will discuss the postoperative instructions with each individual patient.


Achieving the ideal body silhouette requires a strong sense of aesthetics, a thorough understanding of anatomy, as well as surgical skill and experience. Dr. Paul N. Afrooz completed a fellowship in aesthetic surgery after his general training in plastic surgery, and has a particular interest in body contouring procedures.

In addition, Dr. Afrooz’s philosophy is not simply to increase the size and shape of the buttocks, but to achieve natural-looking results that improve the feminine shape and contour of a woman’s body.

If you are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift, we encourage you to set up a consultation with Dr. Paul N. Afrooz to discuss your options.

To discover how body shaping procedures can improve your appearance, confidence, and total outlook on life, please call our office today (305) 854.8828 to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. Paul N. Afrooz.

*Results may vary. Consult with the experienced plastic surgeons at the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine to see if you are a good candidate.