Facial Cosmetic Surgery Updates
"Beauty Through Mastery"
Fall 2018
by Dr. James M. Stuzin
Dr. James M. Stuzin
In 2016, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 107,261 women and 13,702 men had surgery for a facelift. Perhaps, surprisingly, among men facelifts was the fifth most common type of aesthetic surgery!

For many people, they desire to undergo a facelift to restore the facial shape to a more pleasing contour than they had during their younger days. Most individuals want to continue to look like the
more youthful version of themselves. But how can you be assured that your results will look natural and your face won’t have a “pulled” look?

In my 40+ years of performing facial plastic surgery and training plastic surgeons in the Extended SMAS technique, the key to a non-surgical appearing facelift is to avoid skin tension. This method of tightening the deeper soft tissues and muscles is one I pioneered with Dr. Thomas Baker and has become one of the cornerstones of techniques in facelifting. Significant changes in your face should appear and can appear natural, soft and subtle it the facelift is performed correctly.

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James Stuzin, MD


Filler Fatigue - Truth or Myth?
Are you familiar with the term “filler fatigue?” It’s a term used to describe what happens when someone has had too many filler treatments over the years. The increasing use of fillers can stretch the skin and tissue, which means over time you will need more fillers and unwittingly accelerate your skin’s aging process, and in some people, facial imbalance. Talk to an expert facial physician injector before your next injectable treatment.

Yes, it is true that social media has dramatically revolutionized the way we interact with each other. Millennials and GenExers may be the predominate users of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram but millions of baby boomers are also engaging in the social medium platforms. With the press of a button on your smartphone, a high-quality photo can be posted resulting in a trend called “selfie-awareness.” Be sure to consult with a facial aesthetic expert to discuss how you can obtain natural-looking results that reflect a rejuvenated you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. James Stuzin .
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