About The Institute

“Beauty Through Mastery” Serving Miami, Dade County, Florida and surrounding areas

The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine is comprised of a select group of dedicated aesthetic plastic and ocular surgeons recognized around the world as true experts. Most plastic surgeons are generalists who perform a wide variety of aesthetic operations. Here at The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. James Stuzin and Dr. Steven Fagien limit their cosmetic enhancement practices to specialize only in select procedures. This is important as the concentrated focus and specialization allows them to create natural and beautiful results.

At The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, our guiding philosophy is “Beauty Through Mastery”. Our surgeons have the skill, experience and artistry to help you achieve your cosmetic enhancement goals. We consistently provide quality cosmetic enhancement results by our surgeons who are recognized globally for their accomplishments in the field of Aesthetic Medicine.

Above all, at The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine we put our patients first. Our patients deserve expert focus, the utmost quality care from our staff and surgeons, who are dedicated to helping you look and feel beautiful, with sublime results that appear natural and un-operated.

The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine has two offices to serve you. We are located in Coconut Grove, Florida as well as Boca Raton, Florida, with both offices located only a few minutes from I-95 for convenient access. Both of our aesthetic services offices offer a comfortable and relaxed setting for aesthetic surgery and non-surgical procedures with state-of-the-art technology to ensure both maximum comfort, as well as patient safety.
Our offices are located at:

Dr. James M. Stuzin
Miami Office

3225 Aviation Ave, Suite 100
Miami, FL 33133

Dr. Steven Fagien
Boca Raton Office

660 Glades Road, Suite 210
Boca Raton, FL 33431

To discover how facial and body cosmetic surgical procedures can improve your appearance, confidence, and total outlook on life, please call our office today at 305.854.8828 or 561.393.9898 to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. James Stuzin and Dr. Steven Fagien.

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