Tear Trough Corrections

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Dr. Steven Fagien and the physicians of the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine use a variety of safe and effective treatments to improve the appearance of sunken or hollow eyes, under-eye bags and dark circles. From eyelid surgery to injectable dermal fillers and neuromodulators (BOTOX® Cosmetic or a combination of treatments), a customized plan will be provided plan to address the underlying causes of each individual patient’s eye-area concerns.


The tear troughs are the depressions between the eye and nose where your tears naturally flow down. A tear trough deformity is when the overlying skin thins out and the lower eyelid fat bags become more prominent.

  • Hollow or Sunken Eyes
    Often the result of genetics, lifestyle factors and aging, hollow or sunken eyes occur in patients with thin skin and very little fat to serve as padding due to volume loss. More common in those with slim faces and less body fat, this condition can cause a tired or unhealthy appearance.
  • Under-Eye Bags
    Many men and women have puffy or bags under their eyelids. Visible fat deposits called ‘eye bags’ that develop under the eyes are a natural result of the aging process. Over time, the skin below the eyes loses its elasticity while the fat behind the eyelids begins to bulge causing noticeable puffiness. This combination of changes leads to the development of more prominent under-eye bags that can contribute to a tired appearance.
  • Periorbital Dark Circles or Tired Eyes
    Genetics, allergies, lack of sleep, diet, salt intake, and skin aging can contribute to the appearance of shadows or discoloration under the eyes. Over time, with advanced sun damage, fat loss and collagen breakdown, skin thins making blood vessels beneath the eyes become more visible, which causes discoloration or dark circles.

Over time the appearance becomes more pronounced producing a hollowed look. It is important to understand the underlying causes before a treatment is recommended.

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The space between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek where tears naturally fall is called the tear trough, and the natural aging process can cause this area to become hollow over time. This creates a sunken appearance, dark circles, puffiness and under-eye bags may be more pronounced.

Dr. Fagien and the physicians at The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine offers both non-invasive and surgical solutions for treating the tear trough area. In some cases, blepharoplasty surgery combined with injectable fillers will yield the most optimal aesthetic results.

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