Endoscopic Brow Lift

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The sagging of the aging brow makes both the forehead and eyelids look older and changes the expression around the eyes of men and women. Elevation of the eyebrow opens the crowded eyelid and brightens appearance. Eyebrow lifting can now be performed through a minimally invasive procedure known as “Endoscopic Forehead Lifting”.

Men and women typically undergo a brow lift to address:

  • Low and sagging eyebrows
  • Deep forehead creases or furrows
  • Wrinkles on the bridge of the nose
  • Frown lines/wrinkles between the eyes

A brow lift may be combined with an eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) or other recommended procedures to achieve a more aesthetically balanced and youthful appearance.


Dr. James Stuzin performs Endoscopic Forehead Lifting on an outpatient bases with sedation anesthesia as opposed to general anesthesia. The procedure involves two ½” incisions concealed within the hair. Through these small incisions, the endoscope is placed, allowing the aesthetic surgeon to precisely elevate the brow and improve eyelid and brow contour.

Once the forehead and eyebrow are raised they are secured into place with dissolvable fixation devices, accentuating the arch of the brow in a newly elevated position. His procedure is not associated with either the hair loss or numbness often associated with more invasive procedures, and produces a more natural, non-operated appearance following the surgery. The stigma of the “surprised look” often associated with invasive brow procedure are prevented with endoscopic brow lifts.

The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine’s endoscopic brow lift patients typically leave the recovery area 2 hours following the procedure.* The endoscopic technique and expertise of Dr. Stuzin results in patients having little bruising and typically a rapid recovery. For those patients that would be more comfortable recovering overnight, they can elect to stay overnight at the nearby Ritz-Carlton Hotel, where our nursing staff will apply ice compresses to minimize swelling and aide in the recovery.

Typically the hair is washed the following day, the patient is then checked by Dr. Stuzin and are discharged home. Most patients can return to work one week after undergoing an endoscopic brow lift.*

A brow lift procedure should only be performed by a qualified surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetic procedures. Dr. Stuzin is happy to answer all your questions and show you before and after photos during your personal consultation.

To discover how Dr. James M. Stuzin, an expert facial aesthetic plastic surgeon, can refresh and renew your appearance, please call our Miami office at 305.854.8828 to schedule your confidential consultation.

*Results may vary. Consult with the experienced facial aesthetic surgeons at the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine to see if you are a good candidate.

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