Asian Blepharoplasty / Double Eyelid Surgery

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About half of the Asian population lack a natural fold just above the lashes in the upper eyelid. Many patients of Asian descent undergo blepharoplasty to create a natural-looking eyelid fold. Double eyelid surgery allows the eyes to open wider and results in a more alert appearance.
Dr. Steven Fagien advises patients that Asian blepharoplasty is a highly technical and advanced procedure that must be customized for each patient’s unique anatomy. Dr. Fagien specialized in this procedure and is highly experienced at performing double-eyelid surgery in a way that maintains each patient’s ethnic integrity while accomplishing the desired aesthetic goal.


At the Institute of Aesthetic Medicine, our surgeons use several advanced techniques for Asian eyelid surgery including full-incision, partial-incision and non-incision. Our surgeons will discuss what procedure is recommended based on your eye examination and other factors as explained below.
Full-Incision Eyelid Surgery

For older patients, Dr. Fagien and the plastic surgeons at The Institute of Aesthetic Medicine utilize a full-incision procedure. This technique is recommended for patients with thick or excess eyelid skin and those suffering from severe drooping (ptosis) of their eyelids. During the surgical procedure, a precise incision is made on the eyelid where the crease will be created, excess skin and fat are carefully removed, and the reshaped eyelid is attached to the underlying tissues.

Partial-Incision Eyelid Surgery

A less invasive technique than the full-incision, is the partial-incision double eyelid blepharoplasty. For patients with puffy eyes or eyelids with excess fat (but no excess skin), a partial-incision is the preferred technique. This technique is often recommended in place of one long incision across the entire eyelid several small incisions are made along the line of the planned fold to allow for the removal of fat before the new fold is created.

Non-Incision or DST Eyelid Surgery

The non-incision technique is the least invasive of the Asian blepharoplasty surgical techniques. The “double sutures and twisting method” (DST) is recommended for patients with little to no excess skin, droopiness or fat in the eyelids. The DST technique uses double sutures with a central twist on each upper eyelid. The sutures are precisely placed where the new crease will be and secured to underlying cartilage.

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